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Vauxhall: is it MG-Rover all over again?

Posted by Paul Horrell at 3:36 pm on Tuesday August 11, 2009

It’s depressing to be reminded all over again today of the sad and shabby history of MG-Rover. Much more sad is that it looks dangerously likely that history might repeat itself with Vauxhall-Opel.

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BMW CS lives! Kind of…

Posted by Paul Horrell at 10:25 am on Tuesday July 28, 2009

The lovely BMW CS four-door coupe isn’t dead yet. Or at least, its spirit lives on even though an actual production-car version of the CS concept was canned a few months back.

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VW tucks into Porsche

Posted by Paul Horrell at 11:08 am on Thursday July 23, 2009

Porsche is, after a titanic batttle, about to become a member of the VW Group. Last year Porsche tried to take over VW. VW struck back. This has been one of the great soap operas of industrial history.

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Red-lining the green Bentley

Posted by Paul Horrell at 11:06 am on Wednesday July 22, 2009

Just been out for an ‘engineering drive’ in a late prototype of the Bentley Supersports. The one Derek Bell drove at Goodwood. The development chief says it’s a Ferrari 599 rival. Well yes, it was a wet day on difficult Cheshire roads, and I don’t think a 599 would have kept up.

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Mackems lead the electric charge

Posted by Paul Horrell at 10:02 am on Monday July 20, 2009

There’s something far more important behind the news that Nissan’s Sunderland plant is to lead the charge (ha ha) in battery manufacturing. In 18 months time, you’ll be able to buy a proper full-sized Nissan hatchback powered entirely by batteries.

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Vauxhall’s Astratrix driven

Posted by Paul Horrell at 5:25 pm on Monday July 13, 2009

In among all the jiggery-pokery about Vauxhall’s new owners (Russian? Chinese? Italian? Belgian?) the company is still busy churning out new cars. Foreman has driven a prototype of this autumn’s Astra, and it’s a seriously good rival for the Focus or Golf.

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Driven: Porsche Panamera

Posted by Paul Horrell at 9:46 am on Monday June 29, 2009

‘Jay, you look at the dials,’ I said to my passenger, ‘I’ve got other things to concentrate on.’ We were doing about 270km/h and rising fast.

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Koenigsaab is born

Posted by Paul Horrell at 3:08 pm on Tuesday June 16, 2009
Koenigsegg CCX

Until this morning I couldn’t reliably spell Koenigsegg. It was a little company of fewer than 50 employees making fewer than 20 cars a year. Now it has effectively taken over Saab.

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