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Koenigsaab is born

Posted by Paul Horrell at 3:08 pm on Tuesday June 16, 2009
Koenigsegg CCX

Until this morning I couldn’t reliably spell Koenigsegg. It was a little company of fewer than 50 employees making fewer than 20 cars a year. Now it has effectively taken over Saab.

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Vauxhall: culling the weak

Posted by Matt Master at 3:08 pm on Friday June 5, 2009

This economic chokehold on the motoring industry is squeezing air out of everyone, but it’s doing us a great service at the same time. It’s culling the weak. Separating the wheat from the chaff.

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Fiat to take over GM Europe?

Posted by Sam Philip at 4:34 pm on Tuesday May 5, 2009

The Big Manufacturer Sale (everything must go!) is about to open, and at the front of the queue, waiting for the shop doors to open is… Fiat.

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Chrysler ordered into bed with Fiat

Posted by Paul Horrell at 9:42 am on Tuesday March 31, 2009

If GM got a bit of a kicking fom the Obama administration, how about Chrysler? The President’s team has said it doesn’t believe Chrysler can survive alone, so if it doesn’t finalise the deal with Fiat within the next 30 days, it gets no more Government money. Which would inevitably leave it bankrupt.

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Finally – a head rolls

Posted by Paul Horrell at 9:20 am on Monday March 30, 2009
GM logo

President Barack Obama has showed his teeth. He’s told the boss of GM to resign. Presumably he wouldn’t have done that unless he was about to give GM the billions in loans the company is asking for. The president needed to get some collateral, didn’t he?

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GM looking to cut Opel/Vauxhall loose

Posted by Tom Ford at 6:00 pm on Wednesday March 4, 2009

Fritz Henderson, GM’s Chief Operating Officer, has announced plans to split Opel and Vauxhall into a separate division that can then be opened up for outside investment. GM has also announced that it is looking for £2.9 billion in state aid from countries across Europe to keep the various operations afloat, or risk losing some […]

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Saab enters freefall

Posted by Paul Horrell at 11:33 am on Friday February 20, 2009

Saab is getting ready to jump out of the GM aeroplane. Or rather, be pushed. The only issue is, does it have its parachute?

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Saab – another missed opportunity

Posted by Paul Horrell at 10:32 am on Wednesday February 11, 2009
The real 9-3X

If you want to know what’s been ailing Saab all these years, today’s unveiling of the 9-3X wagon is a good place to start. Saab actually invented this car seven years ago. But GM bungling means it hasn’t been released until now.

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Car Drawing